About Us

EMPI is a health and Nutrition Company with a massive opportunity helping those who are hungry for success.

Our passion started in 2015 when a Mentor presented a very healthy nutritious presentation that changed my life for the better.

They cooked vegetables with no water meats without oils or fats keeping the nutrients in the food and the pollution of cooking.

Our products cook in a very healthy way which is the classy invention of showing families how to cook very healthy traditional dishes quick and easy saving energy time and money.

We also educate customers how to steer away from Obesity, High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Bloating, Constipation and many more diseases.

Our Mission

Mission – Our Health is Our Wealth It Is the Most Important Thing to Prioritise.

Vision – We Aspire to make a difference in the Society.

Lifestyle Questionnaire

How It Works

We get our products from a Reputable Company in America with a long history of Innovation and manufacturing these healthy cooking system.

Our concept is to help reduce the increase of some diseases in the society.

We cater for all nationalities and markets 35-65 meat lovers’ vegetarians Vegans as well as Halal.

We sell health benefits to Open minded Health-conscious people and those with Health concerns gainfully employed Adults and Couples.

We also share a life changing opportunity for people who would like to make a difference in their communities we have full-time part-time slots training provided as well.

Our service is flexible we have Online presentation which can be arranged at the convenience of both the customer and we at the comfort the customer’s home.

Please fill the questionnaire and arrange a date for your family presentation within the next 2 weeks.

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Next Steps

Home visits can be arranged adhering the social distancing guidelines as stipulated on the government website we will provide the utensils and food for our presentation for a family living in that household.

This is the time when healthy eating and healthy cooking has never been so important in the entire history of humankind as it is right now.

We accommodate working families as well; our presentations start from 7 am – 10 pm so feel free to book any convenient time for yourselves.

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